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Title: [5.60] Mini-Yacht Regatta, Westende
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1: The concept.
The Mini Yacht class is actually the fastest growing class in landyachting. All Mini Yachts can participate, regardless their origin or brand. « No-nonsens » rules, fitting in the 5.60-loop, round mast, max 400-8 tyre size.

2: Terms of entry: As a temporary measure and in order to let anyone taste the thrills of this new class we have decided that a racelicence or a sailnumber won’t be compulsary for this edition. Some race experience, full knowlegde of the priority rules and signal flags is desirable on the other hand wearing a helmet is compulsary.

3: Insurance: An Insurance Third Liability covering landyachting is needed. If you don’t have such an insurance one can be provided for the weekend for 10 euro. Registration and payment before the event.

4: The beach: The Sint Laureins beach is probably the best beach of the World for the Mini Yacht class. Hard, flat, dry with very good accessibilaty. As the beach is free of surrounding buildings landyachting is possible regardless the winddirection.

5: Accomodation: All facilities are present in the new beachhouse “De Kwinte”. Dressing rooms, toilet, showers, landyacht washing, catering, etc.

6: Carpark, Camperpark, hotel: A parking space has been reserved on the Koning Ridderdijk for all vehicles such as cars, trailers and vans. Campers are also allowed to park on the Koning Ridderdijk. (See Street view Koning Ridderdijk Westende).
Koning Ridderdijk 100
Campers and vans have to reserve their spot by transmitting their registration-plate to Campers pay 5 euro/24h. The Koning Ridderdijk is close to the Boulevard and the beach (25 meter). Those who prefer a B&B or hotel, please check the site : ( .

7: The race area: There are 2 blocks that have been reserved for this event. The beach block in front of the beachhouse serves as training and practicing area, the beachblock St. Laureins (400m x 100-200m) is strictly reserved for racing, no practicing is allowed there. Entering this area is only for racing. The race-director Benny Dezeure will setup a technical track where speed, sailing- and tactical skills are required.

8: The Number of competitors: This is limited to 50 pilots. The first 50 registered and confirmed (confirmation will follow the receipt of your payment before december 1st) can participate. This is necessary so that all pilots will have the opportunity to compete a fair and equal amount of races. The race will be held in small groups with minor and major finals. All pilots will race against each other.

9: The catering: During the weekend all sorts of catering will be supplied in the beachhouse “De Kwinte”. Sandwiches, spaghetti, cold & warm snacks and drinks are available at democratic prices.

10: The Pilotsdiner: On Saturday evening, starting at 19h00, the pilotsdiner will be held in “De Kwinte”. Flemish carbonades with “Belgian” fries, mayonaise à volonté, chocolate mousse or pudding as dessert with 1 drink for the price of 20 euro/person. Reservation is requested !
As you can see, dear landyachter, we will do our best the give you a beautiful and competitive weekend. For further information please visit our website:

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Geert Steen - B999 Voorzitter CSKC vzw Bestuurslid VVW Westende Zeilwagen Initiator Bestuurslid LAZEF vzw +32475 28 55 16

Phillipe Van Geluwe- B980 Penningmeester CSKC vzw Zeilwagen Initiator.
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Etienne Kodeck – B990 Secretaris & Events CSKC vzw
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Fotos del evento aquí (  O0

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  Interesantes fotos, muchos conocidos de otros eventos!.... O0