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Author Topic: [NZ] 90 Mile Beach, 8-10 Marzo 2013  (Read 2177 times)

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[NZ] 90 Mile Beach, 8-10 Marzo 2013
« on: 14-03-2013, 11:33:48 »

La carrera de las 90 millas de Auckland Blokart Club ha finalizado hace unos días.

grupo de cabeza en una de las largas mangas realizadas

90 Mile Beach Trip – Day 1
"Thursday saw the early arrivals head for 90 MB to start sailing in a 5-6 Kent breeze. Over the next 1 1/2 hours the wind rose to about 15 knts and a steady stream of arrivals meant over 20 karts racing on the beach. Wayne got a top speed of 70 km/hr at the end of the day after 10 mixed races, some short and others longer to make the most of the wind and smooth sailing conditions. A great Pot Luck dinner and a few drinks finished off the day for everyone.
Friday is over to Tokerau in the morning to sail the change to SE wind and then hopefully back to 90 MB in the afternoon to catch the sea breeze.
All good from the team up North!"

Wayne "Mako" Osbourne con el pod de su compañero Dave "Orca" Bush

90 Mile Beach Trip – Day 2
"Friday started by everyone heading over to Tokerau to make the most of the morning easterly. At 10.30 most were set up with 4 metre sails ready to go. Racing started but soon slowed as the wind dropped slightly necessitating a change to 5.5s. We sailed 4 races before having a break and deciding to finish early to head for 90 MB and a predicted change to a southerly. Of course the wind then started to pick up but the decision was made. Straight to 90 MB and a light southerly just starting to come in. Started with the big sail, everyone quickly changed to a 4 metre as it swung around a bit more and finally a couple changed to 3s for the final big race. Did some short and long races and successfully tried our first slalom course, great fun although slightly dangerous as speeds increased.

We decided to run the Orca Memorial race as the wind was up and a good angle. Ian nailed the start with Jenny and Duncan also hitting the line with speed. Russell sailed with a 3 metre and once up to speed got up to second on the first downwind leg, followed by Wayne, Grant and Bruce. Ian had a lead of about 20 metres. Up wind Bruce came through to take the lead followed closely by Ian, Wayne and Russell. With the wind swinging a bit everyone had to throw in a few tacks. The second lap was lighter with the front 4 extending the gap over a second bunch of Grant, Jenny, Jon and David H. Russell dropped back a bit on this lap because of some lulls but picked again on lap 3 as the breeze kicked in. Bruce surrendered the lead when he thought he had finished but resumed when Ian raced by and then Wayne followed by Russell. These 4 hit speeds above 70 km/hr on the run to the far mark. Bruce was back about 30 metres behind Ian at the last turn with the 4 km beat to the finish. Wayne followed closely with Russell also coming back into the group back another 10 metres. Places changed and Bruce got through Ian, Wayne and Russell also closed up so they were crossing tacks with Ian. With 200 metres to the finish Wayne crossed in front of Ian to take second, Ian third, Russell 4th, all finishing within about 25 seconds of each other. It was a great race, one Orca would have been proud of. Grant came in at the front of the second bunch in 5th place.
Saturday is looking light but hopefully another sea breeze will kick in for some more high speed sailing.
All good from the 90 MB team"

Jenny "the Jet" Hales vencedora absoluta del "90 Miles Beach Race"!!!

90 Mile Beach Trip – Day 2
"Everyone headed for Tokerau despite the forecast of light easterlies breezes. True to form there was nothing so out came the Kubb sets for some friendly on beach competition. Still no wind so most headed for the local vineyard for lunch and a few wines while waiting for something to happen.
Those who headed back to camp noticed the sea breeze developing at 90 MB so the call went out for a 1.30 start. A nice onshore breeze, everyone on 5.5s and the racing began. A couple of short races, a longer race and then the relay for the new Gold Cup trophy. The front 3 soon sorted them selves out and after a couple of batten changes Wayne and David H took a commanding lead which they held to the finish. They were followed in by Grant and Brian and third was Bruce and Bill.
Everyone then free sailed for a while before heading back to get ready for the prize giving dinner.
The theme was “cool” and most were dressed for the part. The food was excellent, the company was excellent, the costumes looked great and the whole evening a great success with Glen and Debbie our camp hosts joining us and sponsoring some of the prizes. There was much hilarity and the photos to follow will tell some of the story."

Everyone got some sort of prize but the key ones were:

Thursday champ, Grant Clark
Friday champ, Graham Ingall
Saturday champ, Craig Tillson
Relay champ, Wayne and David
Orca Memorial Trophy, Bruce Hales
Tall tale trophy, Russell Harray
Best Dressed, Wayne Osborne and Liz Elstob
90 Mile Beach Trophy for top sailor, Jenny Hales

Bruce "Hot Dog" Hales vencedor del "Orca Memorial Trophy" junto al Wayne, 2º clasificado